January 23-25, 2018
Sacramento, California

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2202-00Full Set Audio Recordings MP3 files on USB drive: $199 
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2202-99Full Set Audio Recordings MP3 files via Download: $119
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GENERAL SESSIONS (Wednesday – Thursday)Single MP3 – $20
2202-G1Wednesday General Session—State of the IndustryAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-G2Thursday General Session—Strategic Steps to Premium Pricing in Competitive CategoriesAdd mp3 to Cart
BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Tuesday, January 23, 2018Single MP3 – $10
2202-1Cabernet Sauvignon at All Price PointsAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-2The Changing Regulatory LandscapeAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-3How to Survive the Wine Sales and Marketing Pressure CookerAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-4How to Be Smart and Effective with Influencer MarketingAdd mp3 to Cart
BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Wednesday, January 24, 2018Single MP3 – $10
2202-5Red, White & Sparkling: Optimizing Wine Aromas from Harvest to BottleAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-6Red Wine: Color and Tannin Development and ManagementAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-7Powdery Mildew Money TreeAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-8Winemaker Experiences with Vineyard Mechanization—How I Learned to Love Machines in the VineyardAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-9Identity Flexibility – A Look at Changing AVAsAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-10Staying on Top: What’s New with Key Wine Writers and PublicationsAdd mp3 to Cart
BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Thursday, January 25, 2018Single MP3 – $10
2202-11Diversity and Trends in Cabernet Sauvignon (Presented in Spanish)Add mp3 to Cart
2202-12Aromatic Potential in White Varieties (Presented in Spanish)Add mp3 to Cart
2202-13Vineyard Practices to Optimize Phenolic Composition (Presented in Spanish)Add mp3 to Cart
2202-14FSMA a Year Later: Implementation and Compliance on the GroundAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-15Wildfires and Wine: Loss Prevention, Mitigation and ManagementAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-16The Fundamentals of H2A: Navigating Our Existing Agricultural Guest Worker ProgramAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-17Be Ready, Disaster Preparedness and RecoveryAdd mp3 to Cart
2202-18Direct to Consumer: The Big PictureAdd mp3 to Cart