January 29-31, 2008 in Sacramento, California

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1204-99 2008 Full Conference MP3 Audio files – $119 Free Shipping
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1204-98 2007 Unified Symposium MP3 audio files – $75 Free Shipping
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1204-G1 Tuesday General Session: A World of Wine Issues and 3 Key Decisions to Positioning Your Brand for the Future **MP3 $20 Add mp3 to Cart 
1204-G2 Wednesday General Session: State of the Industry  **MP3 $20 Add mp3 to Cart
1204-G3 Thursday General Session: Major Trends to Factor in Your Business Decision Making  **MP3 $20 Add mp3 to Cart
Tuesday, January 29th MP3 $10
1204-01 Grapegrowing Research Update I Add mp3 to Cart
1204-02 Grapegrowing Research Update II Add mp3 to Cart
1204-03 Winemaking Research Update Add mp3 to Cart
1204-04 Sustainable Management of Winery Water, Wastewater and Energy Resources Add mp3 to Cart
1204-05 How to Have a Mostly Worry-Free Interaction with TTB Resources Add mp3 to Cart
1204-06 Do We Have the Capacity to Compete in 2010? Add mp3 to Cart
1204-07 Taste the Competition Add mp3 to Cart
Wednesday, January 30th
1204-08 Water Issues in Grape Production Add mp3 to Cart
1204-09 Reduction Redux: the Good, the Bad and the Nutty Add mp3 to Cart
1204-10 SO Analysis Add mp3 to Cart
1204-11 Capital Requirements for Growth and Options for Sourcing the Funds Add mp3 to Cart
1204-12 Lifestyle Media: Tapping into Non-traditional Wine PR Channels Add mp3 to Cart
1204-13 M-Powered: Harnessing Your Marketing Power at Wine Tastings, Trade Shows and Competitions Add mp3 to Cart
Thursday, January 31st
1204-14 Vineyard Cultural Practices to Increase Fruit and Wine Quality (Presented in Spanish) Add mp3 to Cart
1204-15 Winery and Lab Safety, Sanitation After Chlorine & Introduction to Sensory Analysis and Wine Tasting (Presented in Spanish) Add mp3 to Cart
1204-16 We Have the Technology: How Do We Use It? (Presented in Spanish) Add mp3 to Cart
1204-17 Custom Crushing by Design, Not be Default: Strategically and Purposefully Marketing your Grape Crop as Wine in a Changing Marketplace Add mp3 to Cart
1204-18 State-of-the-Art Direct to the Consumer Add mp3 to Cart
1204-19 Invasive Pests: What Now? Add mp3 to Cart
1204-20 Tempranillo! Add mp3 to Cart