January 24-26, 2017 in Sacramento, California

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GENERAL SESSIONS (Wednesday – Thursday)Single MP3 – $20

Wednesday General Session—State of the Industry

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Thursday General Session—Adapt or Go Extinct: Removing Barriers to Our Industry’s Success

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BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Tuesday, January 24, 2017Single MP3 – $10

Exploring How Vineyard and Cellar Practices Impact Sauvignon blanc Style

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Finding Value in Sustainability

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5 Paths to a Richer Marketing Strategy in 2017

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BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Wednesday, January 25, 2017Single MP3 – $10

Not Your Ordinary Yeast: Using Innovated Strains and Fermentation Techniques to Increase Wine Quality and Drive Wine Sales

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Looking Forward: How Grapevine Clean Plant Strategies Can be Improved

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The Global Market for Wine

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Messaging Matters: Creating Authentic Wine Communications in a Crowded Marketplace

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Eggs, Uprights, Puncheons and More: Making Your Best Wine in Unusual Containers

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BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Thursday, January 26, 2017Single MP3 – $10

Leading-edge Technology in Grapegrowing and Winemaking (Presented in Spanish)

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The Smart Decision of Using Clean Plant Material (Presented in Spanish)

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The Art of Finding a Wine’s Ideal Balance (Sweet Spot) (Presented in Spanish)

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FMSA—The Food Safety Modernization Act

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Beyond Your Tasting Room: Marketing Your Wines Today

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Vineyard Mechanization: Moving to the “No Touch Vineyard?”

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To Grow or Not to Grow: While the Common Wisdom is that Growth is Good, is it Really? And if it is Good for You, How to Do it?

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Beyond the Bottle: Packaging Innovations for Winemakers

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