At All Star Media, we use the latest and greatest audio and video recording equipment.  In November of 2010 we decided to invest in the Tascam DR-03 MP3 audio recorders (Tascam here:, and what a great choice we made.  The Tascam DR-03 MP3 audio recorder holds over 24 hours of recorded material at 128kbps.  128kbps is significant because iTunes provides most of the recordings in the iTunes library at 128kbps.

In the fifteen years All Star Media has been providing audio recording service, we have always received compliments on the audio recording quality.  Now, with the Tascam MP3 audio recording gear and the 128kbps recordings, the feedback on the audio recording quality of All Star Media has been overwhelmingly positive. We heard today from Michael Adams, a wine maker in Northern Calilfornia, who purchased the full conference MP3 audio files for the 2011 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (  Mr. Adams has been a customer of All Star Media audio recordings for four years and he was highly impressed with the new audio recording quality.

All Star Media continues to strive in order to stay ahead of the curve with conference recording media.  All Star Media was one of the first conference recording companies to begin providing synchronized movie files of the conference education sessions.  The synchronized movie files include the speaker audio and power point files recorded in synchronization and distributed into quick time and windows media video format.   The doctors at the Integrative Holistic Medicine conferences ( love the movie file recording service of All Star Media.  We are grateful to be able to help so many doctors and professionals to get the recorded education material that they need and deserve.

Back to the Tascam DR-03.  The unit has a line and a mic input for easy MP3 recording access from virtually any sound unit.  The Tascam DR-03 runs on two AAA batteries, however, the battery life is only about five hours of recording time, therefore, for All Star Media audio recording purposes, we run the Tascam DR-03 into a USB power hub and plug directly into an AC unit for unlimited recording life.  The Tascam DR-03 is a very durable and portable MP3 audio recording unit.  Therefore, if All Star Media is providing audio recording service for a conference in San Diego or anywhere in the United States of America, we can be rest assured that the Tascam DR-03 audio recording unit is going to provide high quality conference recordings.