January 12-14, 2024
Los Angeles, California

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Friday Night Opening Speaker


Saturday Lunch Speaker


Saturday Night Speaker


Sunday Morning Closing Speaker

2801-BB1Harlan G on Friday “The Doctor’s Opinion”MP3
2801-BB2Harlan G on Saturday morning “Bill’s Story”MP3
2801-BB3Harlan G on Saturday afternoon “Steps 3 to 9”MP3
2801-BB4Harlan G on Sunday morning “Steps 10 to 12”MP3
2801-01Panel: Welcome – Come All the Way In and Sit All the Way DownMP3
2801-02Panel: Other Methods Failed Us CompletelyMP3
2801-03Panel: The Altruistic Way of Life – Living a Life of ServiceMP3
2801-04Panel: Can My Higher Power Really Be a Doorknob – Choosing Your Own ConceptionMP3
2801-05Panel: The “Hospitalization Period” – Having Made a Decision, What Do We Do?MP3
2801-06Panel: Step One is the FoundationMP3
2801-07Special Focus: Women’s MeetingMP3
2801-08Special Focus: Men’s MeetingMP3
2801-09Panel: Grieving with GraceMP3
2801-10Workshop: Two-Way PrayerMP3
2801-11Special Focus: Spanish-SpeakingMP3
2801-12Panel: The Credits Don’t TransferMP3
2801-13Workshop: Help for the Seemingly Hopeless – Tips for NewcomersMP3
2801-14Panel: The Family AfterwardsMP3
2801-15Special Focus: 100+ PoundersMP3
2801-16Special Focus: AnorexiaMP
2801-17Panel: Long TimersMP3
2801-18Panel: Step 4 – Resentment is the No 1 OffenderMP3
2801-19Special Focus: BIPOCMP3
2801-20Panel: The Amends ProcessMP3
2801-21Panel: Dating, Relationships & Breakups in RecoveryMP3
2801-22Workshop: Emotional SobrietyMP3
2801-23Workshop: Body ImageMP3
2801-24Special Focus: LGBTQIA+MP3
2801-25Panel: Living in Step 10MP3
2801-26Panel: Creating the Fellowship We CraveMP3
2801-27Special Focus: BulimiaMP3
2801-28Workshop: Recovering from RelapseMP3
2801-29Special Focus: Young PeopleMP3
2801-30Panel: 11th Step PracticesMP3
2801-31Panel: The Promises Coming TrueMP3
2801-32Workshop: Sober EatingMP3
2801-33Panel: Sex on Sunday MorningMP3
2801-34Panel: Carrying the Message – The Magic of Step 12MP3
Marathon Meetings
2801-M1Body Image & AcceptanceMP3
2801-M2Traveling in AbstinenceMP3
2801-M3Bringing it ALL to GodMP3
2801-M4Prayer-Centered LivingMP3
2801-M5The Power of ForgivenessMP3
2801-M6Don’t Leave Before the Miracle HappensMP3
2801-M7Practicing These Principles in All Our AffairsMP3
2801-M8I Put My Hand in YoursMP3