October 9-11, 2018, The Westin, Long Beach, California

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018Single MP3 – $10
2211-01Southern California Edison Sponsor Session: Get Energy SmartAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-02REal Talk: WomanUP! Fire UP!Add mp3 to Cart
2211-03REal Talk: How to Truly Level Up & Create Massive SuccessAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-04REal Talk: Power is in Your PerspectiveAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-05The Modern Open House in a Shifting MarketAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-06REal Talk: #WomanUP! – Keys to a Successful Mentoring RelationshipAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-07REal Talk: Surf to Sales – Finding Purpose in Real EstateAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-08REal Talk: Failing GreatlyAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-09REal Talk: The Art of the LaughAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-10REal Talk: Agent as CEOAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-11REal Talk: How to Handle DisruptionAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-12Social Media & Website MakeoversAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-13American Home Shield Sponsor Session: Be the REALTOR Your Friends Choose When They Know Ten OthersAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-14REal Talk: How Giving Away 8,000 Prom Dresses Applies to Real EstateAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-15REal Talk: Top Producer Principles for SuccessAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-16REal Talk: How to Crush Any GoalAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-17REal Talk: The Digital InterviewAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-19REal Talk: Marketing Culture ShiftAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-20Goodbye Newsfeed, Hello Micro-StoriesAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-21Fit Life GoalsAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-22REALTORS Who are Crushing ItAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-23Facebook Livestreams that ConvertAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-24Movoto Sponsor Session: AI Concepts for CollaborationAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-25realtor.com Sponsor Session: Best Lead Conversion Strategies. Period.Add mp3 to Cart
2211-26Binge Worthy ContentAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-27Rewire, Reset and Thrive with Mindful MeditationAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-28iBuyers – the Faster, Better Way?Add mp3 to Cart
2211-29Empower Yourself: Self-Defense for REALTORSAdd mp3 to Cart

Freddie Mac Sponsor Session: Borrower of the Future

Add mp3 to Cart
2211-31Exciting, Engaging, EXPERIENTIALAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-32Mic-Drop Worthy Marketing TrendsAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-33The Future is Now – Automate with AIAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-34Century 21 Sponsor Session: Survive and Thrive in a Changing MarketAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-35Top Tools Members Already Have for SuccessAdd mp3 to Cart
Thursday, October 11, 2018Single MP3 – $10
2211-36REal Talk: Culture of Accountability for SuccessAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-37REal Talk: Be the ChangeAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-38REal Talk: The Search for Humanity in Real EstateAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-39What Keeps the Legal Hotline Ringing Off the Hook?Add mp3 to Cart
2211-40How VR is Changing the GameAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-41REal Talk: Raising the StandardsAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-42REal Talk: Stay One Step Ahead and Off the RadarAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-43REal Talk: Getting PR Famous in Real EstateAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-44REal Talk: Priority Management – How I Hit a Grand Slam in Business and in LifeAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-45REal Talk: Growth MindsetAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-46REal Talk: Making Lemonade – Traits Beyonce’ can Teach the Modern Marketer to Run the WorldAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-47What You Need to Know about BlockchainAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-48Empower Yourself: Self-Defense for REALTORSAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-49REal Talk: Your Journey & the Search EvolutionAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-50REal Talk: Success Through StruggleAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-51REal Talk: How Authenticity is Becoming the Best Way to Market to MillennialsAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-52REal Talk: Lessons from a Top BrokerAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-53REal Talk: Unlock Your Genius PotentialAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-54REal Talk: Transforming Client ExperienceAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-5520 Videos You Need to Make Right NowAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-56How to Be a Mind Reader (without the Crystal Ball)Add mp3 to Cart
2211-57Winning the Fast-Paced MarketAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-58Rising Stars Created HereAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-59California Earthquake Authority Sponsor Session: An Earthquake Can Happen Today, Take Steps to Prepare for the Next Damaging QuakeAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-60IRL – How YouTube Transformed My BusinessAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-61Lead Gen Ideas that Do Not SuckAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-62California Series: How are California’s Mayors Tackling the Housing CrisisAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-63Be A Social Media RainmakerAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-64Systems for Your SanityAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-65Innovators and Disruptors – What You Need to KnowAdd mp3 to Cart
2211-66Member Legal Forum with Gov HutchinsonAdd mp3 to Cart