All Star Media ( provides cutting edge technology in offering professional recording services for conferences and events throughout the United States.  All Star Media has licensed a Multimedia Screen Capture Recording Software platform that allows All Star Media to provide movie file recordings of the conference speeches and presentations.  The Multimedia Screen Capture program records both the speaker’s presentation audio and the speaker’s presentation slides (PowerPoint files) in a synchronized format.  The user of the Multimedia Screen Capture recording is able to view and listen to the speech as it was presented live in the conference meeting room.  The Multimedia Screen Capture Recording files are saved as Windows Media Video files (.wmv) and Quicktime movie files (.mov), and the files can be played in any computer or transferred to a Phone, Video iPod or iPad for viewing and listening.

All Star Media provides the Multimedia Screen Capture Recording service for many medical conferences, business conferences and technology meetings.  The positive feedback for All Star Media’s Multimedia Screen Capture Recording Service, from the doctors and business professionals, has been overwhelming.  The doctors are able to watch live open heart surgery right on their computer screen, phone or iPad.  And the business leaders are able to gain valuable knowledge, education and insights from the leading CEOs and Titans of the Business World.

Contact David Lee Joy, CEO of All Star Media, today to find out how All Star Media can help take Your Business, Conference, or Event to the next level by providing professional Multimedia Screen Capture Recording Service.

All Star Media’s motto is always: “Connecting Knowledge & People”